Without us Stepping Foot Into Your Home!

All cooped up making you look around and wonder what painting or wallpaper removal might cost? When is the last time you had the interior or exterior of your home or deck painted or stained. If you are looking for a ballpark price, please view our pricing page before scheduling this virtual quote.  If you would like a price that is more accurate and that fits your particular project better, plese follow the instructions below.

Here is how it works:

1. Schedule an estimate using the scheduling calendar below.

2. Fill out all of the information that is asked of you and select “Virtual Estimate.”

3. Click Complete Appointment.

4. Prior to our virtual appointment which will take place by Zoom,phone call, text, Facetime or Video Messenger, we will be contacting you with basic instructions.  Please take a video and several pictures of the room or rooms that we will be quoting, or if an exterior of a home, a picture of all 4 sides of the house.  Have them ready to share with us.

5. Your quote will be sent out in an email within 24-48 hours after we talk!

We are looking forward to serving our community this way by keeping you safe during this time.

God Bless!