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Current Promotions

  • Should you hire a painting contractor just because they give you the best price? Does “best price” always equal “best value?Learn More
  • Hire one of our professional house painters for a day or by the hour. Do you have a small paint job or drywall repair that needs taken care of? How about a dirty side walk, driveway, or siding on your house or business that needs pressure washed? If so, give us a call at 574-834-3575 or email us.
  • Ask us about our “rainy day” or “slow schedule” painting, staining wallpaper removal and drywall repair rates. This is ideal for the homeowner who does not mind a “last minute notice” when the start date will be or have a strict deadline for completion of the painting.
  • We offer a lower winter rate on all interior painting, wallpaper removal and drywall repair projects scheduled to be completed between December 2019 and February 2020. Call 574-834-3575 for a free, prompt, no obligation written painting or staining quote.Paint Cans We also provide over the phone pricing on smaller painting, staining wallpaper stripping and drywall repair projects.
  • We offer FREE inspections on the interior or exterior paint or stain on your home or business. On the exterior paint or stain we will look for water damage, visible mold or mildew, oxidized paint or stain, failed paint or stain, partially rotted wood, rotted wood, and failed caulking. On the interior paint or stain we will look for water damage and staining on the ceilings and walls, visible mold and mildew, stress cracks, nail or screw pops, failed caulking, and poor workmanship that may exist on the drywall, woodwork, and ceiling texture. Call 574-834-3575 to schedule your free paint or stain inspection or email us.
  • If Matthews’ Painting has worked for you in the past and you have not been receiving regular mailings from us, or if you are just interested in learning more about our painting company, then please email us so that we can add you to our mailing list. Each month we will be giving away a special gift for answering the trivia question correctly.