Wallpaper Removal and Stripping

Matthews’ Painting Company has specialized in wallpaper removal and stripping for over 25 years. We remove and strip wallpaper in the Warsaw, Winona Lake, Leesburg, Syracuse, Goshen, Columbia City, Lake Wawasee, Lake Tippecanoe, and North Webster Indiana areas. We understand that outdated wallpaper makes a house look dull, out of date, and flat-out embarrassing to your neighbors and friends. We also understand the reason why you probably have not removed your wallpaper:

“If I remove the wallpaper myself it will take forever and I’ll probably damage my walls to the point of needing to hire a drywall contractor anyway to come in and repair my walls.”

Have you been frustrated asking yourself, “Is there anyone offering Professional Wallpaper removal near me?”  The answer is yes!  We have stripped and removed wallpaper since 1998, just as long as we have painted.

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Wallpaper Removal

Matthews’ Painting Has Over 25 Years of Experience

Get Stripping and Removal of Wallpaper, Backing, and Glue Services

  • An exact quote is provided to you for stripping and removing your wallpaper.
  • Furniture is moved away from the walls and covered in plastic prior to the stripping and removal of your wallpaper.
  • Absorbable drop cloths are laid down to catch excess wallpaper stripping solution while removing your wallpaper, backing and glue.
  • Several different enzyme solutions and techniques are used to strip and remove the wallpaper, backing, and glue. We also have 4 steamers on hand for those really stubborn wallpaper removal and stripping jobs.  Walls are then fan dried over night.
  • A special sealer is applied to the walls after the wallpaper is stripped and removed to prepare the surface for repairs and painting.
  • Drywall repairs are made and the walls are primed with a quality primer.

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