Pressure Washing Pricing


Pressure Washing

The below pressure washing prices typically include rinsing down the grass, plants or shrubs before application of the cleaning solution so that they are protected, applying the proper cleaning solution and mildewcide to the substrate in a manner that will not permanently streak the siding, rinsing the vegetation again with water and pressure washing the surfaces from a close enough distance with a 40 degree fan tip to clean and/or remove some of the loose paint or stain and/or remove some of the gray UV damaged wood if applicable without damaging any of the substrate. Windows that get wet and spotted are then washed by hand, rather than a squeegee, when we are done.

Or Average Size Deck with Spindles, Railings, and Steps or a Driveway/Sidewalk.

Or Large Deck with Spindles, Railings and Stairs.

Or Average 3 Story House.