7 Year Warranty

Limited Warranty

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Matthews’ Painting Company, LLC we promise to complete your interior or exterior painting or staining project as per your written proposal and carry out the painting or staining work in a professional and courteous manner according to PDCA standards.

Any exception to this will be corrected as noted or at the job completion and prior to final payment. Issues that arise out of product performance will be dealt with on an incident-by-incident basis and must be made evident to Matthews’ Painting Company as soon as the defect is known to eliminate further damage.

Highest quality satisfaction

7 Year Warranty on Interior & Exterior Applications

Lifetime Touch Up Warranty- 1 Hour of Free Touch Up Painting Per Year

We will warranty against peeling, chipping, or blistering of the newly applied paint or stain, which can result from poor or improper workmanship. This warranty is transferable to the future homeowner or your residence or business owner.

The Customer Must Perform the Following for the Warranty to Be Effective

  • Provide a copy of the original painting or staining contract.
  • Contact us within the warranty period and as soon as the painting or staining defect is known not to cause additional damage to the substrate.
  • Show proof that the agreed proposal agreement was paid in full.

Our Painters at Matthews’ Painting Will Perform the Following

  • Repair failed painted or stained areas by preparing the surface the same as stated in the contract and touch-up paint or stain the same as stated in the agreement.
  • Repair failed painted or stained areas only where the paint or stain is peeling, chipping, or blistering. The paint or stain color and sheen will not always be an exact match in some touch-up areas due to possible fading through aging or not having the original paint.
  • Repair failed painted or stained areas at no labor or material cost to the client.

The Following Is Not Covered by the 7 Year Warranty but Is Covered by the 1 Hour Of Free Touch Up per Year.

  • Painting where the client supplies the paint and material.
  • Painting where the client performs any part of the labor.
  • Failed painted or stained areas due to previous coating failure, water damage, moisture damage, or ground contact damage.
  • Brush marks, roller texture, fading, chalking, bleed-through from knots, rust stains, or tannin bleed.
  • Horizontal painted or stained surfaces on exteriors(i.e., decks, deck surfaces like tops of railings, stairs, and porch floors).
  • Chipped or cracked paint due to abuse or “wear and tear.”
  • Acts of God (i.e., Hail and/or storm damage).
  • Rotted or previously partially rotted wood.
  • Cracks, nail pops, or imperfections in drywall, plaster, or wood that were not included in the original estimate or change order for repair.
  • One coat paint or stain applications.
  • Semi-transparent stains or clear coat applications.