What to Expect on Interior Projects - Matthews Painting - Serving Warsaw, Syracuse, Columbia City

Interior Projects

What to expect

  • All small pictures and mementos should be removed by the homeowner and the nails or screws removed from the walls that you want us to patch.  Please leave the nail or screw in the wall(s) if you are going to re-hang your pictures in the same area.  Small and large furniture will be moved by our painters.

  • Our professional painters will need a location to setup paint tools and supplies. A garage or unused room is suitable.  Sometimes we set up in the largest room if applicable.

  • Please recommend the best location for our painters to be able to get water. If a bathroom is available for them to use, please let the Crew Leader know on the day the painting project begins.

  • The employees at Matthews’ Painting are both skilled craftsmen and respectful professional painters who have been trained to be neat, courteous and professional.  There will be no smoking, inappropriate language, or loud music on site.  Our professional painters will strive for minimal disruption of household activities.

  • Our painters arrive around  8:30 A.M.  This allows our painters to leave by 5:00 P.M. before your dinner hour.  The first day of the job is a later start due to loading up equipment and going over your work order at our shop.  Our lead painter will keep you updated as often as you would like on the progress.  If you would like a later start time or an earlier stop time please let us know.

  • Our painters may need to set up all the rooms we are working in prior to the paint or stain application. This will facilitate patching and repair and allow us to finish up the painting or staining in a timely manner.

  • All areas to receive paint or stain will be sheeted with plastic if applicable and the floors will be covered with drop cloths. Masking tape will be applied to the baseboard and selective trim and flooring when applicable.  Outlet and light switch covers will be removed and masking tape applied.

  • Many times, areas receiving a paint coating will be repaired and sanded prior to applying the paint. This will create airborne dust that will settle during the work in progress. To the best of our ability, our painters will vacuum the surrounding areas on the last day of your painting or staining project.

  • If you want to add painting or staining work during the project, our painters have an additional work request form that you may sign to authorize the additional painting or staining that you would like to take place. Your authorization is required for them to proceed.

  • At the project completion, our painters will place your remaining paint in a location convenient to you. Please consider where that may be.

  • Convenient and large labels will be affixed to your paint cans to identify the place of purchase, product used, color, and sheen of your paint finishes. For future touch-up painting or staining or re order, these are a time saver and exclusive to Matthews’ Painting Company.

  • In order to ensure that no detail is overlooked, please allow 5-10 minutes at the end of the paint job to do a walk-through with our Crew Leader.  You will be asked to schedule this appointment toward the end of the painting project. Our Crew Leaders are instructed to perform this walk through and collect the final payment and survey form for the painting or staining prior to leaving your house.

  • If any of the above does not work out for you, please let us know prior to the start date so that we can adjust what is needed to fit your needs.

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