Professional Wallpaper Removal in Syracuse, IN

While wallpaper may be undergoing a revival in some design circles, most homeowners still view it as outdated and boring.

If you’re tired of looking at your grandmother’s flower prints or old-timey patterns but don’t want to tackle this messy and time-consuming job yourself, it may be time to consider our services from Matthews’ Painting Company for professional wallpaper removal in Syracuse.
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Wallpaper Removed

Our Wallpaper Stripping Process

Incorrect wallpaper removal can lead to serious future problems, including drywall damage, peeling paint, and even mold growth. Even worse, different types of wallpaper need different strategies for safe and effective removal without damaging the walls beneath.

At Matthews’ Painting Company, we’ve developed a process that can remove even the most stubborn wallpaper with minimal damage to the underlying structure.


We start by protecting your floors, furnishings, and power outlets. Wallpaper removal is messy, and we want to ensure that your home remains pristine while we work. We cover all power outlets to prevent electric shocks or damage to your home’s wiring and use tarps to protect your floors and furniture.

Removing Dry Wallpaper

The next step is to remove as much dry wallpaper as possible by prying it away from the wall. While our team uses paint scrapers, we’re careful to apply just the right amount of pressure to remove wallpaper without removing drywall or plaster.

Once we’ve removed as much as possible, we gently prepare the leftovers by scoring them with a special tool. This scoring makes the next step more effective and doesn’t touch the underlying structure.

Removing Adhesive

The messiest part of wallpaper removal is often the most satisfying—adhesive removal. One of the biggest challenges for wallpaper removal in Syracuse is choosing the right solvent for the adhesive to ensure that it softens the glue without damaging the wall. Some solvents are great at softening adhesive but make the surface unsuitable for future wallpapering or painting.

We start by testing several solvents on a small wall area before applying the solvent to the entire wall. Then it’s just a matter of scraping and reapplying solvent until no trace of glue is left.

The final step is to get your walls ready for their next treatment. This step includes cleaning the walls thoroughly, repairing any damage hidden by the wallpaper, and priming the walls for a new coat of paint.

Removing Wallpaper

The Benefits of Working with Our Professional Wallpaper Removal Services

Removing wallpaper is time-consuming, messy, and challenging. You need to account for variables such as the type of walls in your home, the wallpaper adhesive, how long the wallpaper has been sitting on the walls, and many others. Getting it wrong can lead to more issues in the future, and simply painting over wallpaper often produces less-than-stellar results.

Professional wallpaper removal in Syracuse ensures that you get clean, undamaged walls without the stress of doing it yourself.

At Matthews’ Painting Company, LLC, we have over 22 years of experience dealing with stubborn wallpaper and other common issues. If you want to update your home and remove aging wallpaper, call us at (574) 834-3575 or book online today!