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Painting your home’s interior walls is an effective way to enhance your space and express your personality. However, hiring professional painting contractors is essential to creating a clean, high-quality finish.
At Matthews’ Painting Company, LLC, we use the best interior painting techniques in the industry to deliver painting jobs our customers can be proud of. Contact our interior painters in Goshen today to request a free estimate of our interior painting services.
Interior Painters

Why Should You Hire Professional Painting Contractors?

If you’re considering changing the paint color in your residential or commercial rooms, you may be tempted to complete the painting job yourself. However, hiring professional painting companies can provide numerous benefits over attempting to paint your rooms yourself. Here are a few reasons to hire our interior house painters:


Our professional interior painters know how to produce a stunning, clean, high-quality finished result. We use the right equipment and techniques to patch holes, paint trim, and cover walls, leaving behind a beautiful, smooth paint job. In contrast, without the proper training, your DIY paint job could look messy and unfinished, creating a low-quality appearance.


Our team has plenty of experience painting residential and commercial rooms. Our skills and training allow us to complete paint jobs in a fraction of the time you could finish them yourself. Finishing the job faster enables you to continue with your home renovation project and begin enjoying your stunning new paint design.


Our painting expertise allows us to recommend the best paint products, colors, and designs for your interior project. First, we’ll help you choose a paint color that will look cohesive with the rest of your home and achieve your vision. Then, we’ll recommend the right brand and product to produce durable, long-lasting results.

Interior Painting Contractors

Our Interior Painting Process

When you hire our interior painters in Goshen for a painting job, we’ll make the process as hassle-free as possible for you, your family, and your coworkers. Here are the steps we follow during an interior painting job:

  1. Place a rug by your door and wear shoe covers to avoid tracking any paint throughout your home.
  2. Move furniture away from the walls.
  3. Place drop cloths on the floor.
  4. Drape any nearby surfaces with drop cloths or plastic.
  5. Apply masking tape around the trim, if necessary.
  6. Patch and repair any holes, dents, or scratches in the drywall.
  7. Use professional techniques to apply primer and the first coat of paint to the interior walls.
  8. Apply additional coats of paint as needed.
  9. Survey our work and touch up any spots.
  10. Invite you to evaluate our work before we pack up.
  11. Remove the drop cloths and plastic and leave your home cleaner than we found it.

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If you’re searching for a residential painting contractor in Goshen, you’ve come to the right place. Our team at Matthews’ Painting Company, LLC, has years of experience in interior painting for homes and businesses. Whether you need to paint one accent wall, apply ceiling paint, or paint your entire house, we have you covered.

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