Wallpaper Removal in Columbia City, Indiana

With Matthews’ Painting professional wallpaper removal in Columbia City, you get exceptional results without the hassle. At Matthews’ Painting Company, LLC, we have the proper tools and know-how to handle any job. Our qualified, experienced crew does the job right every time—100% satisfaction guaranteed!
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Removing Wallpaper

Premier Wallpaper Removal Services in Columbia City

Matthews’ Painting Company has worked with Indiana residents since 1998 to improve their homes’ appearances and boost property values. As a family-owned-and-operated business, we offer premier wallpaper removal services with a personal touch. We’re proud to be the go-to option for Columbia City homeowners!

Many of our clients grow tired of the wallpaper in their homes and want to remove it. However, it often seems too challenging, too complex, and not worth the effort to do it themselves. That’s why they turn to us for all their wallpaper stripping needs.

Hiring our professional crew to perform wallpaper removal in Columbia City is your best option. Besides ensuring high-quality results, we focus on the customer throughout the process. When you get help from us at Matthews’ Painting Company, you can expect the following:

  • Solutions that suit your schedule, needs, and budget
  • Services that put you, your family, and your home first
  • Projects that finish on time and with minimal inconvenience
  • A professional crew that greets you with a smile
Wallpaper Removal

How to Properly Remove Wallpaper

If you’ve searched “how to remove wallpaper” or “wallpaper removal process,” you probably discovered that it can be complex. Removing wallpaper looks different, depending on the style of the wall and type of wallpaper. However, our team of experts at Matthews’ Painting Company brings over 20 years of experience and industry expertise to every project.

No matter the job, our wallpaper removal process involves the following four steps:

  1. Protecting. Before starting, we’ll move furniture and other items out of the way, cover them with protective material, lay down drop cloths on the floor, and take care of any electrical outlets. We don’t want to damage your interior once we begin removing the wallpaper.
  2. Scraping. We’ll use scrapers or putty knives to scrape away as much wallpaper as possible. Then we’ll prepare the surface to soak up an adhesive-removing solution.
  3. Spraying. The third step is spraying. We’ll spray the wall with different solutions for different projects, depending on how you plan to use the wall in the future. After the specific solution soaks in, we’ll scrape off the remaining pieces of wallpaper.
  4. Cleaning. No job is complete without proper cleanup. We’ll pack up plastic sheeting and drop cloths, move your furniture back in place, replace the electrical outlets, and sweep and vacuum. We also clean the wall and repair any damage, leaving you with a new space to paint and decorate!

Columbia City’s Number One Choice for Wallpaper Stripping

Do you need professional wallpaper removal in Columbia City, Indiana? At Matthews’ Painting Company, LLC, we provide top-quality services to guarantee a hassle-free experience and results you’ll love. Request an estimate today by filling out our convenient online form or calling us at (574) 834-3575!