Wallpaper Removal in Goshen

Removing old wallpaper from your Goshen home or business is no easy task. Wallpaper can require hours of tedious work to remove, often leaving behind unsightly residue and stripping the underlying paint job in the process. If you’re trying to remove wallpaper in your home, you need professional assistance.
At Matthews’ Painting Company, LLC, we have the right tools and training to remove wallpaper quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Contact our team today to schedule professional wallpaper removal in Goshen.
wallpaper removal

Why Hire a Professional for Wallpaper Stripping?

If you’ve never tried to remove wallpaper before, you may think the task will be quick and easy. Unfortunately, old wallpaper uses strong, harsh glues and backing to ensure that it reliably adheres to the wall. This material is challenging to remove on purpose, and hiring a professional crew to remove it for you is essential.

Here are a few reasons why you should hire a professional to remove wallpaper in your home or business:

Save You Time and Energy

The most valuable reason to hire a professional company to remove your wallpaper is to save you the time and hassle of removing it yourself.

Removing wallpaper is tedious, slow, and frustrating. You need to spend extensive time peeling back the top layer, steaming the glue, and scraping it away. This process can also be messy, as you need to dispose of the saturated glue without letting it drip on furniture or carpets.

You shouldn’t need to waste time removing wallpaper yourself when our team is happy to complete the job for you. We have years of experience with professional wallpaper removal, allowing us to remove your old wallpaper quickly and effectively.

Ensure a Clean Finish

If you aren’t careful during the wallpaper removal process, you could scratch or dent the walls with the scraper tools necessary to remove the wallpaper glue. Additionally, removing every speck of adhesive and backing from the walls can be challenging, and leaving behind any texture can create a messy-looking paint job.

However, hiring a professional paint crew can ensure that your walls look clean and smooth after your wallpaper removal.

Prepare Your Walls for Future Projects

Our professional painters also know the best ways to prepare your walls for paint after wallpaper removal. We can apply a special sealant to your walls to ensure that paint or future wallpaper sticks nicely.

Removing Wallpaper

Our Wallpaper Removal Process

We use the industry’s most effective techniques to remove wallpaper quickly and effectively. Here is our process for wallpaper removal in Goshen:

  1. Provide an exact estimate of our wallpaper removal services.
  2. Move furniture away from the walls and cover any nearby surfaces with plastic.
  3. Lay absorbable drop cloths around the walls.
  4. Peel back the outer layer of wallpaper in strips.
  5. Apply enzyme solutions to remove the wallpaper backing and glue.
  6. Use steamers to heat the remaining glue, allowing for faster removal.
  7. Fan-dry the walls overnight.
  8. Seal the walls to prepare for painting or future projects.

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