Your Trusted Exterior Painters in Syracuse, Indiana

First impressions count—and that’s especially true for houses. Working with our expert exterior painters in Syracuse can guarantee a great-looking paint job that accentuates your home’s style.
Whether you’re looking to refresh a tired-looking home or want to put your home on the market, an exterior paint job from our team at Matthews’ Painting Company is well worth the price. Call us today!
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Why Hire Professional Painting Contractors?

Most homeowners tend to believe that painting is one of the “easier” DIY projects you can tackle. The truth is that exterior painting requires expertise and professional-grade equipment to ensure results and maintain safety. Working with us has many benefits, including:

  • Our deep understanding of paint products. If you’ve ever been to a paint store, you know how overwhelming your choices can feel. We’ll consult with you to understand your exterior residential painting needs and help you find the perfect paint that fits your budget.
  • The right tools for the right job. Exterior painting relies on having specific tools to tackle different challenges, such as safety gear for elevated work or the right brushes for a specific paint type. Professional painting companies like us have all of these tools and know how to use them to their best effect.

Our Exterior Painting Process

In our quest to become the best exterior painters in Syracuse, we’ve perfected our customer-centric process. For you, this process will minimize the stress and hassle of working with a painting company, leaving you to enjoy your home’s new look.


After you’ve scheduled a booking with our team, we’ll conduct an on-site inspection. We’ll visit the project location, identify any potential issues, and get an understanding of what you need.

Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, we’ll send you a detailed estimate outlining the costs and time frame of the project. If you’re happy to proceed, we’d like for you to schedule the job for a time that suits you.


Our team will start with on-site preparation. Typical prep includes power washing the exterior, addressing concerns such as mold, cracks, loose paint, and glossy areas, and protecting your plants and exterior items.

We test for moisture to prevent mold growth, peeling paint, or water damage before applying the first coat of paint, and we will prime any repaired areas to ensure an even finish on the entire exterior.


Our exterior house painters will complete the job as quickly as possible while still keeping an eye on small details to ensure a great-looking result. Our professional painters clean up at the end of every day and will perform a thorough cleaning once they’ve completed the project.


We only consider our work done after a final walk-through with you, the client. We want to ensure your complete satisfaction before we wrap up and you sign off on the job.

Experience the Difference

Finding the right exterior painters in Syracuse, IN, can be a challenge. At Matthews’ Painting Company, LLC, we pride ourselves on high-quality work that will stand the test of time. To find out more or schedule a booking, call us at (574) 834-3575 today!